What is Backlink and how to make Quality Backlink

Backlink and how to make Quality Backlink

What is Backlink – Friends, if you want to do blogging or want to rank your website on the first page of Google, then it is very important for you to know about backlinks. If you know what is SEO then you will know that there are mainly 3 types of SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO. And before telling about backlinks, I would like to tell you that creating backlinks comes only under Off-Page SEO and it plays a very important role in the ranking of the website.

Backlink plays a very important role in the ranking of the website, so if you want to start blogging or want to rank any of your website on the first page of Google, then What is Backlink and how to make Quality Backlink it is very important for you to know. It is important, so let me tell you today what is backlink, how many methods are there and how to make it.

What is Backlink

Backlink is a kind of link on which clicking can easily go from one website to another and having a link (URL) of one website to another website which can be clicked to go from one website to another is called Backlink. You can also call it the path between 2 website pages or blogs.

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In this, I will explain it to you by making it even more simple, when you are reading a blog post or reading any website, then you must have seen that there is a link in the article, after clicking on which you can go to any other website. If you get redirected, actually it is Backlink, then this was Backlink.

Some important terms related to Backlink

Link Juice: When we get a Do-Follow backlink from a website, an authority’s link juice comes from that website to our website, which helps to rank the website and also increases the authority.

How to Create Quality Backlinks: Quality Backlinks are those backlinks that increase the authority along with the traffic on our website, that is why in order to make quality backlinks, we should create backlinks in the website below our website so that when on a website about the same topic. If the user comes, he also likes to come to our website through backlink, for the answer to his problem and also read the content of our website.

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What are the types of backlinks

Do-Follow Backlink: Backlinks that have complete link juice are called Do-Follow Backlinks and their full benefit falls on the authority of the website. Do-Follow Backlink plays a very prominent and most important role in the ranking of the website, from which the ranking of the website starts increasing. And we should make more Do-Follow Backlink for the ranking of the site that too from the site with good authority.

No-Follow Backlink: No-Follow Backlink is the backlink in which the link juice of the backlink is not known, they have the attribute of No-Follow which stops the link juice from passing and we do not get much benefit of the backlink. finds. No-Follow Backlink has a tag of No-Follow (rel=”nofollow”) so that Google knows that this link is not to be followed and it does not pass the link juice. No-Follow Backlink does not affect the ranking of the website, but still No-Follow Backlink is very important for the website. If all the backlinks on your website will be Do-Follow, then Google will feel that you have done spamming and have created backlinks in a wrong way, that is why it is very important to have both types of backlinks in the website and we have 20 No-Follow Backlinks out of 100. Must be made.

What are the benefits of Backlink

Talking about the benefits of backlinks, backlinks have the most important role after content in the ranking of any website and backlinks have many benefits but mainly there are 2 major advantages.

Let us see what are the 2 important advantages of Backlink.

Increasing Traffic: By creating backlinks, the traffic of the website increases to a great extent. As I have already told you what is a backlink, so that we can easily go from one website to another, so when we create a backlink of our website on any website, then the traffic of that website also comes to our website. Due to which the traffic of our website also increases. Now think for yourself, if the traffic of a website is very high, it is in lakhs, then when millions of people come to their website, then if there is a link to our website on their website, then some traffic will also come to us, then in this way backlink. The biggest advantage of this is the increase in traffic.

Increasing Authority: By creating Quality Backlink, the authority of the website also starts increasing. Authority means value and to measure this value, the website’s DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), PA (Page Authority) is seen, if you do not know what is DA, DR, and PA So by clicking on the following link. And quality means taking backlinks from high DA and good websites which also have good traffic. What is SEO and how it works – Complete information from Quality Backlink to the authority of the website as well as Trust Flow (TF) Google and other Search Engines Increases in the eyes of and and the ranking of the website gets its benefit. You must have seen that the website which is ranking on the 1st page, most of the websites are very good websites whose DA is good because the search engine also has trust on such website and such website helps in ranking of their authority.

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So these are the main advantages of 2 backlinks, which make a big difference not only in the traffic but also in the authority, meaning of the website, due to which they also benefit in the ranking of blogs/pages.

How Backlink Works

You must have understood that traffic increases with backlink, so let me tell you how backlink works on the authority of the website.

Any website on which you create a backlink, that website has some value and the benefits of backlinks also depend on the type of backlink.

For example, if our website gets a backlink in the content of the blogs of a website, then its value is more and if our link is in the comment of a post or if we create a backlink by giving a website while creating a profile, then its value is slightly less, then this In this way, the value of backlink also depends on the type of backlink making.

Now let me tell you if a website links to our website in any of its blogs or pages, then how do we get their value.

As I told that Do-Follow Backlink is very important for website, so when we get Do-Follow Backlink then link juice reaches our website from other website and Google or any search engine feels that other If a good website is giving backlink to a website, it means that this website is also good and by taking Do-Follow backlinks from good websites which have more authority than before, our authority also starts increasing.

How to make Backlink

There are many ways to create backlinks, through which we can easily create backlinks. At present, I am sharing the name of some ways to create Backlink in front of you, about which I will tell in detail in the coming post.

The names of the methods of creating backlink are as follows:

  • Directory Submission Backlink
  • Blog Commenting Backlink
  • Social Bookmarking Backlink
  • Article Submission Backlink
  • Classified Posting Backlink
  • Image/Graphic Submission
  • Blog Submission Backlink
  • Profile Creation Backlink
  • Guest Post Backlink
  • Web 2.0 Backlink
  • Forum Posting Backlink
  • Search Engine Submission Backlink
  • Ping Link Backlink
  • Business Listing Backlink
  • Info graphic Submission Backlink
  • Social Media Post Backlink

I have shared with you the names of 16 ways to create backlinks and there are many more ways to create backlinks, but these are some of the most prominent and famous ways in which people like to create backlinks the most.

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Creating a backlink is very important because if your website has no authority, then the value of your website is not high for Google and users also consider the website with high DA, PA better. So I hope you have understood that what is backlink and all the information related to backlink has been understood but if you still have question then you can ask us through social media or you can also ask by commenting. If you liked the post, then tell through comment and share it on your social media account.

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