Why is Makka Madina so special and what is the importance of Kaaba, is Shivling really established there?

Why is Makka Madina so special and what is the importance of Kaaba, is Shivling really established there?

Makka Madina is a holy site, also known as the Gate of Paradise for Muslims. It is the dream of every Muslim person to complete their Hajj pilgrimage by going to Makka Madina. This is the place where, years ago, the Quran was first announced. Due to very little rain, the land here is barren, so only trade has been going on here since ancient times. Let us know about the history of Makka Madina and the facts of Makka Madina.

Makka Madina History

Makka Madina located in Saudi Arabia is the holiest site of the Muslim community. For Muslims, it is known as the door of paradise. Along with this, it is also considered one of the five main pillars of Islam.

Every Muslim aspires to visit here at least once in his life. The journey to Mecca-Medina is known as ‘Hajj Yatra’. Every year lakhs of Muslims go on Haj pilgrimage.

A sacred cube-shaped Kaaba is also located in Mecca, where every pilgrims who come to visit it circumambulate and then later kiss it. Only by doing this the Hajj pilgrimage is considered complete.

It is believed that any Muslim who goes to this holy land of Allah, he is blessed with heaven and he makes a lot of progress in his life.

There is also a belief associated with this holy pilgrimage site that several thousand years ago, for the first time, the holy book of the Muslims, the Quran was announced.

Apart from this, this place is also of great importance for the people of Muslim religion because the Prophet Muhammad was born at this place. At the same time, Makka Madina has also been a major center of traders since ancient times.

History of the city of Makka

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The city of Makka is located in the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia, which is considered the holiest site of Islam. Here the Kaaba shrine and the largest famous mosque “Masjid-al-Haram” is located. For Hajj, lakhs of pilgrims arrive here every year at the time of Dhu-al-hijah. This place is considered to be the birth place of the great Prophet Muhammad and the place where the Quranic revolution was first started by Muhammad.

What is inside the Kaaba?

The Kaaba is a holy place in Makka itself. It is a cube-shaped building, which according to people is about 1400 years old. However, according to Islamic tradition, it is also linked to the time of Abraham. All Muslim people always keep their face towards the Kaaba while offering prayers. The Kaaba is located in the center of a huge stone mosque in Makka.

It is 40 feet long and 33 feet wide made of graphite stone, black stone and gold, in which there is only one door for movement and no window. Inside the Kaaba is situated a sacred black stone at a height of about 5 feet above the ground in the eastern corner. All the pilgrims going for Hajj kiss this black stone after performing 7 rounds of the Kaaba as per the ritual called Tawaf. The Kaaba is said to be the place from where the earth began.

The city’s expenses are met by the tax collected from Muslim pilgrims going for Haj. Non-Muslims are strictly prohibited from entering the Makka and Madina regions.

From the earlier times to the present, the size and infrastructure of maize has changed significantly. Makka’s Abraj-al-Bait, the Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel, is the third tallest building in the world. The city of Makka is situated at an altitude of about 910 feet above the sea level and it holds special importance among the people of the Muslim community. Being a holy place, drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited here.

Facts of Makka Madina

According to Prophet Mohammed, it is mandatory for every Muslim person to offer prayers five times a day with repentance facing the Kaaba and go to Makka once in a lifetime to get rid of their sins.
Makka Madina is considered the fifth pillar of Islam, so every year for Hajj, millions of Muslim pilgrims from all corners of the world come to Makka on foot, on camels, in trucks and in ships. For the pilgrims to visit Makka, the footprints of the Prophet Muhammad are also kept, whose sightings are considered extremely auspicious for the Hajj pilgrims.

Makka Madina Shivling

Often you must have heard or read in the news that some Hindu rituals are also performed in Makka and a Shivling is also located there. But all this is just a rumour. There is neither Shivling nor any Hindu rituals in Makka, because the entry of Hindus is prohibited there. There worship is performed only according to Muslim customs.

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