What is On Page SEO and How to do it – Guide [2022]

What is On Page SEO and How to do it – Guide [2022]

What is On Page SEO – If you have a little knowledge of SEO, then you would know that Google or any search engine ranks any website on the basis of 3 methods On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO.

You may or may not know this, so let me tell you that Google releases most of its algorithms on the basis of On Page. If you do not know what is Google Algorithm, then let me tell you that ALGORITHMS is a set of rules which is created by Google. By following which any website can rank on the first page of Search Engine.

Because Google sees whether any website is following the algorithm created by it or not and if it is not, then Google downs the ranking of such website from the Search Engine Result Page.

As for example, you must have known that we should always write unique content on our website, then this is also the rule of On-Page SEO which our website does not rank if not followed. In this way, there are many important on-page factors that we must follow so that our website can rank on the first page on the search engine result page.

So let me tell you about (What is On Page SEO) through this blog post, from basic to advanced level and after reading this blog post if you have any other Even if there is any kind of question related to Digital Marketing, I will tell you at last how you can ask your question for free by joining us directly.

Some important terms related to understanding On-Page SEO

Friends, if you want to know On Page SEO from a very basic level, what is On Page SEO (What is On Page SEO), then before knowing this, it is very important to know about some important terms so that you can know about SEO. If you can understand the technical terms easily, then let’s see some important terms before understanding On Page SEO.

  • Search Engine Result Page: When we search anything on Google, many websites come in front of us and when you scroll down, you will see below 1, 2, 3, .. The option of going to many pages comes. And when you search for anything, you stay on the first page of the search engine, so every page in front of you that shows the result through the website is called Search Engine Result Page.
  • Algorithm: Algorithm is a set of rules created by Google and there are many factors, following which we can rank our website in Search Engine Result Page. The rules made by search engines are called algorithms.
  • Web Pages: Web pages mean the pages of the website. All the blogs or anything in a website have separate pages which are called web pages.
  • Optimize / Optimization: Optimize or Optimization means to improve or fix and improve your web pages according to the factors of SEO.
  • Spider: Spider is the reader of Google which reads the content published on our website and is able to understand about the content.
  • Search Engine: Search Engine is a software by which you can know your searched thing in a few seconds like Google is a search engine on which you can find the answer of your searched query immediately by searching anything.
  • SEO Factors: SEO Factors You must be knowing by the name itself, so that means Search Engine Optimization and factors mean the factors by which to optimize (improve) your website by many search engine factors. SEO factors are those factors or those steps by following which we optimize our website. Like what should be and what should not be there for ranking in a web page.

What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is the process of optimizing (improving) a website and individual web pages by which the ranking of the website or any individual web pages increases in the search engine result page. In simple language, the way to optimize (improve) web pages is called On-Page SEO.

In On Page SEO website, things like Content, Title Tag, Header Tags (Headings) and many Ranking Factors which can be corrected or followed by our web page to rank in Google.

In this process, we have to fix the internal things of our website so that when Google’s spider who reads our content, then there is no shortage in our web pages and the SEO Factors directed by the search engines can match them. With which the pages of our website can be ranked in Google.

In On Page SEO, we have to work on many factors of our website. You must be knowing from the name (On Page) that “ON THE PAGE” means in On Page we work on the pages of our website and optimize (improve) the pages of our website and many Factors of On Page. By optimizing the pages of your website.

All the factors of On-Page SEO are controlled by you, which you can implement on your website, so we can easily do it ourselves and it is very important to do On-Page SEO properly because It has a lot of role in Search Ranking. For more information about On Page SEO and its techniques, definitely watch this video.

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What is the difference between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO We optimize (improve) different pages of our website individually or say that and keeping in mind the many On Page SEO Factors, we fix the pages of our website and make SEO friendly pages.

Through Off Page SEO, we get backlinks from other websites, which increases the authority of our website and in Off Page SEO, we do not have to work on our website, but in this technique, through any other website, our web pages are ranked by Search Engine. Increases in the result page as well as the authority of our website increases due to backlinks from other websites.

If you do not know what is backlink then know in detail: what is backlinks

To tell in simple language, in On Page we have to work on the pages of our website and optimize them whereas in Off Page SEO we do not have to work on our website, in this we have to backlink to our website through other websites. The work of taking has to be done and due to which the ranking of our web pages increases in the search result page by getting quality backlinks.

How to do On Page SEO | On Page SEO tutorial

On Page SEO has all the techniques that we can use to fix our web pages and make them SEO friendly so that the ranking of the website can be improved in the Search Engine Result Page.

In On Page SEO, basically work has to be done to improve the internal structure of the website and the quality of the content so that the users who enter our website can get maximum value and maximum good information of the query searched by them.

As the structure of the website is made on HTML, then we have to fix all the HTML of the pages of our website like WordPress is a Content Management System based Platform. Where you can easily launch the website by creating your own website and you will not be aware of HTML in it, yet you only have to fix the normal text, so that the HTML itself goes on fixing.

There are many factors of On Page SEO on which we have to work so that more and more organic traffic comes to our website. If seen, then on-page SEO contributes the most to the arrival of organic traffic or the ranking of the website.

You must have seen that many websites are ranking without any backlink because their on page SEO is very strong, they have optimized on page SEO very well.

Now think for yourself that you have written very good content and also made many backlinks. But if the title is not relevant to your content, which does not contain your Targeted Keyword, then will the searching users see the title of your web pages and enter your website.

You will also know that any user enters any website after seeing only 2 things, first title and second description.

Whenever you do some search on Google, you too must have clicked on one of the many websites by looking at the title and description of the website, so that you would think that the answer to the query you asked will be found in it.

So if you have not optimized your title and description well then will people click on your website because they also do it on the site which is part of the on page, so while ranking your website in this way, WWhich is a part of On Page, then even after ranking your website in this way, traffic will not come.

To do on page SEO, you should know about the factors of on page SEO so that you can fix those things according to the SEO factors. When you will know about On page SEO factors then you will be able to fix those things easily.

Like I told you in the above paragraph that if your keywords are not in your Meta Title, then users will not feel that your website will be able to answer the query asked by them, then your Targeted Keywords or Keywords Phrase will have to be entered in the title.

These are very important factors of On-page SEO. Similarly, there are many other important factors of On Page SEO, which I will tell you about some important factors in On Page SEO Techniques in now.

Although there are many different SEO Factors of On Page SEO which are optimized for good ranking, but I am sharing some important On Page SEO Factors with you so that you optimize your website. You can do it and they will help a lot in ranking.

  • Keyword Research
  • Title Tags
  • Header Tags Optimization (Headings)
  • URL Structure
  • Keyword Density
  • Alt Tag for Images
  • Meta Description
  • Website Speed
  • Content Duplicacy

If your website is on WordPress then you can also install Yoast SEO or Rankmath SEO Plugin which will help you a lot in doing On Page SEO. In Yoast Plugin, all these parameters will tell itself whether you are doing right or wrong and will give all the information about what can be improved.

Whatever factors you optimize well, then Green Sign will tell and if Improvement is needed then Orange and if not optimized at all then Red Sign will tell.

Apart from these, there are many factors of On-Page SEO on which we can work but this is the main one which needs to be kept right. So let’s see what are these On Page SEO factors and how to optimize it.

On Page SEO Techniques (Factors) | On Page SEO

Let us see in a little detail what are the important On Page SEO Techniques mentioned above and what has to be done in these SEO Factors so that our website can rank in Search Engine. Let us know the factors of On Page SEO one by one and understand that Stepwise On Page SEO.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research A process by which we research the targeted keywords for our posts on which we want to rank our website. Like (To know about On Page SEO, many people would be searching in different ways, like someone would do On Page SEO, someone would do On Page SEO course, then someone would do On Page SEO.

That is why it is very important that we research our target keyword and write our content accordingly. This is the most important factor of On Page SEO because when you know the Keyword only then you will be able to advance On Page SEO and Optimize your Content with Targeted Keyword and rank it.

Title Tags

Title tag is the first thing that users see after searching the query and after looking at the title, the users decide whether clicking on a particular website will get the answer to the query asked by him or not and by looking at the title. Only the users clicks on the website.

That is why if seen from SEO point of view, we should have Keyword in Title Tag, on which we want to rank our web pages, because Keyword is the Terms which describes your entire content in few words.

That is why we should keep our title in such a way that users will find it attractive and after seeing the title, enter it in the website. We should use our Keywords in Title or Keyword Phrase in our Title.

Header Tags Optimization (Headings)

Header Tags means Headings – The Headings you see are mostly about our Main Keywords or are the Sub Parts of the topic of Main Keywords, then we should use Targeted Keywords or Keywords Phrase in Headings so that Google To understand which keyword you have targeted.

And about which particular topic the entire content has been written. That is why efforts should be made to use your keywords in some headings and also Keyword Phrase.

Also, Header Tag should be used very well like there should be only 1 H1 in the whole article and then it should be used only in between H2-H6.

We should also keep in mind the headings that always write the sub topic of the main topic and write in proper headings like if you write the main topic in H2, then write its sub topic in H3.

In this way, use Headings well and at the same time use Keywords well in Headings.

URL Structure

We know the URL structure in common language by the name of Link. According to On Page SEO, we should keep keywords in the URL of our web pages or we should definitely keep some words of main keywords.

As I am writing on On Page SEO (What is On Page SEO) keyword, then I have written “On Page SEO” in the URL. Similarly, you must put some words of keywords in your URL.

And try that your URL should not be more than 4-5 words, meaning do not make the URL too long. Enter keywords in the URL and keep it short.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density means how many times you have used your Focus Keyword in a content, it is called Keyword Density. According to Best SEO Practices, we should use keywords only up to 3% of the words of our articles.

Using Keyword more than 3% times, then Google will give you Negative Ranking because Google calls it Keyword Stuffing (in common language you can call it Spamming).

Let us understand this through an example, as if you write a content of 100 words, then you can use keywords only up to 3% of 100, that means 3 times. So special care should be taken that the density of the keyword should be less than 3% and should not be more than this.

Alt Tag for Images

Actually, our published content is read by Google’s reader, which is called Spider, it reads what the content is about, but no search engine can read the images and it does not know what the images are of and What the Writer wants to tell through Images, so for this we have to put Alt Tag in Images.

Writes about Images in Alt Tag like if Images is about On Page SEO then in Alt Tag of Images we have to write “On Page SEO” in this way by writing about Images in Alt Tag, we can write to Google or any We can tell the search engine what our images are about and only after reading the Alt tag, the search engine’s reader (Spider) about our images knows about the images.

That is why whenever someone uploads images, then definitely use Alt Tag in that image.

Meta Description

Meta Description in a way describes our entire content in some characters. As you must have seen, when searching, it is written in 1-2 line below the title, it is called Meta Description.

In Meta Description, we should try to write in 1-2 lines and also write your Keyword in it. Meta Description SEO is very important because the users searching only sees your Meta Description after the title. That is why write the Meta Description well Attractive and also use Keyword together.

Use Keywords in Meta Description and do not write more than 50-155 Characters in Meta Description.

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Website Speed

For some time, the loading speed of the website has become a very important ranking factor in SEO and now most websites rank only those whose loading speed is good.

We should fix the speed of our website. If the website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then it is very important to optimize them.

There are many plugins in WordPress, using which you can increase the speed of your website to some extent. For this, you can use many other WordPress plugins like Semrush Plugin, WP Rocket Plugin, and you can optimize your speed.

Content Duplicacy

You will also know that in the field of blogging, content is called King. To be Article Ranked, it is very important that your content is unique. It should not happen that by changing the copy content a bit, use it in your website. With this your website will not be able to rank.

That is why always take care of the content that it is not copied. Maybe if you get someone to write content, then copy that content from somewhere and give it to you. That is why keep in mind that before publishing on the website, you must definitely check the duplication of the content.

There are many online tools for this so that you can check Copy Content. You can use those tools only by writing Plagiarism Checker Tool.

It is very important to have a unique article to be ranked.


Although there are many other factors of On Page SEO, but I have told you about some important factors which are very important to optimize for ranking. I will keep telling you about many more On Page SEO Factors by updating this blog post, for this you can accept the notification pop up so that when we update this post you will get its notification.

I hope you have understood what is On Page SEO and How to do it. Do tell us your opinion through the comment and if you have any question, then you can ask your question to us through the comment or through the link of social media given below.

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