How twins are born and its types

How twins are born and its types

There are many people who wish to have twins. Although there is no harm in having such a desire, but at times it becomes dangerous for the pregnant to keep two children in the womb at the same time. If the pregnant body is not ready for twins, then many times complications are seen in this pregnancy. Nevertheless, the desire for twins is not less in some people. If you also want to have twins, then it is important to have the right information about this first. In this article of Any-query, we will share with you important information related to twin pregnancy. Let us first know that at some stage twins are born.

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How twins are born and its types

If you want to have twins, then first you need to know how twins are born and what are the types. Let’s know about this:

Let us tell you that there are two types of twins.(1)

  • look a likes.
  • Not looking a like

Most one-third of twins look alike, they are called ‘monozygotic twins’ or ‘identical twins’ (2). This occurs when one egg is fertilized by a sperm, but later splits into two. Such embryos look alike after birth. Are they both boys or both girls. At the same time, children who do not look alike are called ‘dizygotic twins’ or ‘fraternal twins’. They are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized. After birth, the appearance of both of them looks different. The chances of having a boy and a girl in such twins are also high (3).

Come, now know what are the chances of having twins.

Normal chances of having twins

According to the statistics of the 21st century, the chances of having twins can be up to three percent. Statistics also show that there has been a 76 percent increase in the birth of twins from 1980 to 2009 (4).

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Factors Determining Chances of Having Twins

Below we are telling about the factors that increase the chances of twins.

Genetic reasons: If you are a twin child or someone in your family has had twins, then there is an increased chance that you will also have twins. On the other hand, if your partner is a twin, then your chances of having twins also increase. If you or your mother are twins, you are also more likely to have twins. In this case, you will have a higher chance of hyper-ovulation (the release of two eggs during the ovulation process). During this time, certain genes are associated with hyper-ovulation and the chances of having identical twins increase (3).

Ethnicity: Ethnicity also matters for twin pregnancies. While Asian and Hispanic races are less likely to have twins, African races are more likely to have twins. Europeans are more likely to have twins after Africans.

Body Type (Height/Weight): Yes, women who are taller are more likely to have twins. In addition, overweight women are more likely to have twins than thin women. Women who take a nutritious diet are more likely to have twins.

Mother’s age: Women who are above 35 years of age are also more likely to have twins. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is released more in such women (5). It is through this hormone that eggs are released from the ovary. Therefore, the more these hormones are released, the more eggs are released, which increases the chances of having two children.

Multiple pregnancies: If you have had twin pregnancies in the past, your chances of twin pregnancy again may increase.

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Let us now know about the natural ways to have twins.

Natural ways to have twins

If you also want twins, then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Consumption of dairy products: According to a research, dairy products can also lead to pregnancy of more than one child (6). It is believed that a woman who consumes dairy products has a five-fold increase in her chances of twin pregnancy. Some scientists believe that it is not just the dairy product, but the hormones present in the milk, which help in having twins.

Wild yam: Wild yam is a type of vegetable. It stimulates the ovaries, causing more than one egg to be released during ovulation. This increases your chances of having twins. Let us tell you that African women have better chances for twins, Because they include it in good quantity in their diet. The Yoruba tribe in West Africa has the highest twin rate (7). In addition, protein-rich foods like tofu and whole grains also stimulate ovulation.

Stop taking birth control pills: By stopping birth control pills, your body will start working naturally. By doing this your body will release more hormones than normal. When you plan to conceive at this time, the chances of twin pregnancy may increase (8).

Higher chances in lactating women: If you breastfeed your baby and try to become a mother again during this time, your chances of having twins in the next pregnancy may increase. In fact, prolactin is produced in higher amounts in lactating women, which can increase the chances of twin pregnancy.

Eating zinc-rich things of the partner: By eating zinc-rich things, such as green leafy vegetables, etc., sperm are formed in more quantity. This can increase the chances of more eggs being fertilized.

Spacing between pregnancies: In order to increase the chances of a twin pregnancy, it is important that there is a sufficient gap between your first and next pregnancy. Getting pregnant too early can
reduce the chances of twin pregnancy.

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sex poses for twins

Although twin pregnancy is not in anyone’s hands, it is said that having sex in certain positions can increase its chances, such as:

Side by Side: In this position, one has to lie face-to-face for intercourse. This is considered a much better position. It is believed that at this stage sperm can easily reach the cervix, which can increase the chances of twin pregnancy.

Standing up position: This is also a doggy style, which increases the chances of twin pregnancy.

Missionary Position: During this time the man is above the woman. In this position, the eggs along with the sperm easily enter. This is considered the best position for twin pregnancy.

Making connections from behind: During this, partners make relationships from behind. In this
position the sperm stays near the cervix.

Fertility treatment for twins

In today’s time, there are many different ways to have twins. Your doctor can then tell you the best fertility treatment for you. For the time being, here are some common methods:

IVF: Women who become pregnant through IVF have an increased chance of having more than one child. However, it depends on how many embryos are being transferred in the womb. It has also been proved that women who become pregnant through IVF process give birth to similar-looking children (9).

IUI: In this procedure, sperms are inserted into the woman’s uterus through a syringe. However, IUI alone does not increase the chances of twin pregnancy. For this the woman also needs to take fertility drugs.

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Fertility Supplements to Get Pregnant With Twins

Certain supplements and medicines can increase your chances of having twins to some extent, such as:

Folic acid supplementation: According to a study, women who take folic acid before pregnancy have an increased chance of having twin pregnancies (10). However, there are some studies that have shown the opposite results. Nevertheless, taking folic acid supplements along with multivitamin supplements seems to help prevent neural tube malformation, By which healthy children are born. A new study has also found that women who take more folate with IVF treatment are more likely to have twins (11).

Gonadotropins: These drugs help in making eggs healthy, which increases the chances of twin pregnancy. More eggs are released by using it. If you want to consume it, contact your doctor.

Progesterone: It strengthens the lining of the uterus (the lining inside the uterus), which increases the chances of having twins.

Fertility drugs to conceive twins

After the examination, the doctor can give the following medicines to conceive twins:

Clomid: This is a well-known fertility drug, which increases the chances of twins (12).

Parlodel: Your doctor may prescribe this medicine for five days in a month. This medicine lowers the level of prolactin hormone and increases the production of follicle hormone. This results in the release of more than one egg, which increases the chances of twin pregnancy (13).

Pergonal: This drug is widely used to increase the chances of twins. It stimulates the hypothalamus to produce luteinizing hormone, which triggers ovulation. Because of this, the chances of twin pregnancy increase (14).

Humagen: Contains active menotrophin ingredient, which helps to induce ovulation. It also stimulates follicular maturation and triggers gonadal steroid secretion. This may also increase the chances of twins (15).

Fertility herbs for twins

There are many herbs that increase your fertility and increase the chances of twins. Below we are telling about these herbs in detail:

Evening Primrose Oil – This oil has been used for centuries to increase fertility. It helps in the production of healthy cervical mucus. Due to healthy cervical mucus, sperm can stay in the ovary for a long time.

Liquorice – This herb regulates your menstrual cycle and makes it easy to identify the days of your ovulation. It helps to control your hormonal levels of testosterone and estrogen. Thus it supports the entire process of conception.

Flaxseed oil – Flaxseed oil can increase the chances of twin pregnancy in a natural way by increasing fertility. It regulates hormonal production and maintains a regular menstrual cycle. It also creates the proper balance of progesterone and estrogen hormones.

Sweet Cassava – Sweet cassava is known to increase fertility. It has hyper-ovulation properties, which help in increasing the chances of twin pregnancy.

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Cohosh – This herb helps to effectively relieve symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause. It can help strengthen the muscles of the uterus and the pelvic region. However, it does not increase the chances of an erect twin pregnancy, but improves your fertility, which can increase the chances of twin pregnancy.

Problems for pregnant women with twins

Twin pregnancy requires special care. Sometimes pregnant women with twins may face the following problems or risks (16) :

Premature delivery – Three out of five twin pregnancies are at risk of premature delivery. Sometimes in twin pregnancies, the baby may not have developed properly at the time of its birth.

High blood pressure – Mostly in twin pregnancies, the pregnant woman has the problem of high blood pressure. If this problem is not controlled, it can affect the babies too.

Gestational diabetes – Many women may also develop diabetes during twin pregnancy.

Anemia – Anemia i.e. anemia in pregnancy can occur in many women. In particular, anemia is common during twin pregnancy.

Birth Defects – Many babies may develop spine bifida or other neural tube defects during twin pregnancy.

Miscarriage – Sometimes due to negligence or other problems during twin pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage can also increase.

frequently asked Questions

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Is Bed Rest Mandatory With Twin Pregnancies?

During pregnancy, women are advised to be active, so that delivery can be done smoothly. At the same time, if we talk about twin pregnancy, then it can be decided only by looking at the physical condition of the pregnant whether she needs complete bed rest or not. However, according to a research, bed rest during twin pregnancy reduces the risk of preterm labor (17).

What is Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

When a fetus is wiped out due to a miscarriage during twin pregnancy, it is called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Sometimes its symptoms appear at the beginning of pregnancy. However, in many cases the reason for this is not known.

Will I have a cesarean delivery during twin pregnancy?

There is an increased risk of C-section in twin pregnancies. However, whether you will have a C-section or a normal delivery depends on the condition of you and the baby.

Will I have labor pains twice during normal delivery?

No, even if you have a normal delivery, the labor pain happens only once. After a baby is born for the first time, another baby is born after some time during the same pen.

Is twin pregnancy hereditary?

If there are identical twins, they are not hereditary. Whereas, fraternal twins can pass from generation to generation. Therefore, fraternal twins can be said to be hereditary. For example, if a woman has a twin brother or sister with fraternal twins, she is 2.5 times more likely to have twins than with identical twins.

This was our special article on twin pregnancy, especially for those who have many questions related to it in their mind. We hope that you have got answers to all the important questions related to twin pregnancy. For more such interesting information related to pregnancy, you can read our other articles.

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