How to fill ITR sitting at home in just 1 minute?

How to fill ITR sitting at home in just 1 minute?

In today’s article, we will know how to file Income Tax Return 2021-22? ITR means Income Tax Return, it has to be filled by every person so that he can contribute for the progress of his country.

It must have been known by the name of income tax that this tax is deducted from our income and goes directly to the government and this money is used by the government in different projects which are used only for the development of our country.

But it is a pity that even today there are some people in our country who do not consider it necessary to pay income tax. The duty of being a good citizen is paid by the one who files the ITR. It is a good thing if you are already filing ITR. Those who file ITR for the first time may face some difficulty in filling the form. So today I will try to tell you how to do ITR registration?

Who can file ITR?

It is necessary to file ITR file by 31st July every year. Income tax has to be paid according to the income of every person. The person whose annual income is 2.5 lakhs or more then he has to pay income tax and whose income is less than 2.5 lakhs does not need to pay income tax. But you can still fill zero ITR, which means that you are giving information about your income and expenses to the government.

ITR is filed both online and offline. The most important thing is that it is mandatory for people whose annual income is more than 5 lakhs to file income tax online. Those whose income is less than 5 lakh, they can file ITR by going to the income tax office.

Some new changes have been made in the process of filing ITR this year, where men and women who are below 60 years of age and their annual income is Rs 2.5 lakh, then they will not have to pay tax, for the elderly who are 60 years or more. The income limit for this is 3 lakh and for the elderly of 80 years of age and above, the income up to 5 lakh is tax free for them.

Which documents are required for filing Income Tax Return?

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Account details: In this the IFSC number of the bank is given, from which the refund money comes to your account.
  • TDS certificates (Form 16, 16A, 26AS etc.)
  • Bank and Post Office interest certificate
  • Salary Income Slip

These were the documents that you need to know how to file ITR.

Form 16, 16A, 26AS Information

Form 16 – This is a TDS certificate that the company issues for its employee. The TDS that would have been deducted from your salary in the last financial year will be recorded in it. This form is available only to those who get salary every month. It is mandatory for the persons receiving the salary to fill this form every year.

This form has two parts Part A and Part B. In Part A, the details of the TDS deducted in your income are kept and the break-up details of your entire salary will be present in Part B, as if you have sold the house or land, then the buyer will issue this form 16 B, in which it will have been given. How much TDS did he deduct when he paid you?

Form 26AS – From this form you can find out whether the TDS deducted by your company or bank has been deposited with the government or not. You can see its details by going to the website of “” and clicking on “View Form 26AS” if you are registered in it.

Types of ITR Form

Now let us know about the types of ITR Form.

ITR 1: These forms are for those individuals whose income is up to Rs 50 lakh annually from salary, pension, business, capital gains like share market, mutual fund, jewelry etc. or house rent. This form is also called SAHAJ form.

ITR 2: This form is for individuals and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) whose salary and pension income is more than Rs 50 lakh annually. Apart from this, if their income is from house property or any income from abroad, then they will also have to fill this form.

ITR 3: This form is for those people who are doing business or getting income from any other profession. Apart from this, if someone has won money from lottery then they also need to fill this form.

ITR 4: This form is for all professionals such as lawyers, doctors, CA etc. Apart from this, if the person who makes professional income along with partner in any business, then he will also have to fill this form.

ITR 4S: Individuals whose income is less than 60 lakhs have to fill this form.

How to file Income Tax Return 2021-22?

I have told above about all the necessary documents and forms for filling ITR. ITR file is done in two ways- offline and online. Here I will tell you how to file ITR online.

In offline, you can download the ITR form from the internet or buy it from the market and fill all the details asked in it and submit it to the Income Tax office. Remember that offline ITR file can only be done by those people who are senior citizens or whose income is less than 2.5 lakhs.


  1. To file ITR online, you must first register by visiting the Income Tax department’s website If you have already registered then you do not need to do it again.
  2. After going to the website, you will find “New to e-Filing?” on the top right side. It will be written, click on Register Yourself just below it.
  3. There now you have to fill all your details like PAN card number, name, date of birth, residential status etc. You have to fill all these details very carefully, if any information goes wrong then you may have to face trouble going forward.
  4. After filling all the details, your account will be created and the code of registration verification will be sent to the mobile number and email id given by you and a link will be given in the email, by clicking on that link you have to give the code which you have to fill. To verify the tax.
  5. After verifying you will see user id and password on your screen which will also be sent to your registered mobile number and email id.
  6. After this you can start the process of filing ITR online. For that, go to the home page of the website, login where user id is your PAN number and password is the date of birth present in the PAN card.

Download Form 26AS

  1. As soon as you register, you have to first download Form 26AS. This is the form in which the TDS deducted by the company is mentioned.
  2. To download Form 26AS, you have to login where user id is your PAN number and password is your date of birth.
  3. After that click on My Account option and select “View Form 26AS”. A new page will open there, after clicking on “View Tax Credit”, your form 26AS will come.
  4. Click on the assessment year + TDS information you want, then select “View as HTML” and click on the option of view / download just below it. Your form will be downloaded where you can see your TDS information.

Download ITR Form

  1. To download the ITR form, click on the “Download ITR” link from the quick menu on the left side and select the assessment year for which you want to file the ITR. The employed people have to select form ITR 1 and those who are employed have to fill form ITR 4.
  2. Collect all the necessary information given in the form in advance. And read all the instruction carefully and fill it.
  3. Here you have to fill all your details like your name, PAN, address, date of birth, email-id, mobile number, residential address etc. Along with this, if your TDS has been deducted, that also has to be shown or if any advance tax has been paid by you, then that too has to be shown. All the details of the bank account are also to be filled like account number, account type, IFSC code etc.

validate your details

Validating your details means that all the information given by you is correct or not, check it once before submitting it or if some information is left out then on clicking on the validate option. You will know what information you have left, so you can fill it too.

Calculate Your Tax Liability

After filling all your details you have to click on Calculate tax button where you can check how much tax you have to pay this year by filling your income details. Here you first fill the rest of the details by selecting the assessment year and in the fifth place fill the option “Income from salary” which is given in your income slip or is also present in your form 16.

If your income source comes from anywhere other than salary, then fill it too. After filling all the things, Net Taxable Income will come automatically. After that you have to deposit the same amount and fill the challan details in the return form.

Generate XML File

After filling the ITR form and filling the tax, you have to click on the “Generate XML” button, this file has to be saved in the computer, in which the proof of the tax you have filled is kept in it.

Submit ITR

  1. To submit ITR, you have to go to the Income Tax website, where you will find the option of e-file above, click on it and click on “Income Tax Return”.
  2. After that you have to fill PAN and choose assessment year. Then you have to select the name of ITR form which you can choose according to your income. Like if you are a salary earner then you have to choose ITR 1.
  3. After this you have to choose “Submission Mode”, here you will get two options “Upload XML” and “Prepare and Submit online”. Since you had already generated XML after filling the ITR form, so you select Upload XML in submission mode.
  4. As soon as you upload XML, ITR-V is generated to verify ITR and it is also sent to your email id.

Send ITR-V to Income Tax Department

  1. You have to take a print out of this ITR-V form and sign it with a blue pen and send it by ordinary post or speed post to the address “Centralized Processing Centre, Income Tax Department Bengaluru, 560500”
  2. Keep in mind that ITR-V reaches the office within 120 days so that the process of tax filing can be completed.
  3. When the income tax department gets the form sent to you, they verify it and inform in your mail that your ITR-V has been verified.

What happens if I do not file ITR on time?

  • Every year the last date to file your ITR is 31st July, before that you should file ITR.
  • If for any reason you delay in filling it, then you will have to pay a fine for it. If you file ITR within 1st August to 31st December, then you will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000.
  • But if your annual income is less than 5 lakh then you will have to pay a fine of Rs 1000.
  • If you file the return of the previous assessment year from January 1 to March 31, then you will have to pay a fine of Rs 10000.

What did you learn today?

I hope you must have understood this article on how to fill ITR in Hindi. It is not so difficult to file ITR but if you still face trouble in filling it, then you can hire a CA or lawyer to get ITR filed.

Not knowing how to file ITR, thinking that it is wrong not to file income tax. If you come under the category of paying income tax, then definitely fulfill your duty and together with the government help to brighten the future of the country.

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