Cinnamon should be consumed during pregnancy or not?

Cinnamon should be consumed during pregnancy or not?

Many types of condiments are used in India, which are beneficial for health as well as taste. One of them is cinnamon. It is commonly used in preparing dishes and dishes in every Indian kitchen. The nutrients found in it are also beneficial for health in many ways, But can Cinnamon be consumed during pregnancy? In this article of Any-query, we are telling about the consequences of eating cinnamon during pregnancy. Along with this, it will also tell how pregnant women can include cinnamon in their diet.

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Let us first know whether cinnamon should be consumed during pregnancy or not.

Is it safe to consume cinnamon during pregnancy?

Yes, cinnamon can be safe if taken in moderation during pregnancy. There have been many researches on this subject, in which it has been confirmed that taking cinnamon during pregnancy can keep away from many problems like stomach disorders and diabetes (1) (2). All such benefits of cinnamon have been explained in further detail in the article.

Know how much cinnamon is safe to consume during pregnancy.

What amount of cinnamon is safe to eat during pregnancy?

The amount of cinnamon that should be included in the diet during pregnancy largely depends on the health of each pregnant woman. Although research has been done on rats in this regard, according to which the use of less than 0.5 grams of cinnamon can be safe in pregnancy (3). At the same time, in another research, it can be used up to 0.7 mg per kg bodyweight per day (4). Still, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Let us now know when to eat cinnamon during pregnancy.

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When is the best time to eat cinnamon in pregnancy?

According to a research, cinnamon can be used to relieve bloating and abdominal pain in any trimester of pregnancy (5). It can be used in limited quantities as medicine, but do not forget to consult your doctor before using it.

Next we are telling about the nutrients of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Nutrients

The nutrients found in cinnamon are essential for our body. Per 100 grams of cinnamon contains 247 kcal of energy, 3.99 g of protein, 1024 g of fat, 53.1 g of fiber, 3.8 mg of vitamin-C, 6 µg of folate and 15 µg of vitamin-A. Apart from this, other nutrients found in it are as follows (6):

  • Vitamin-E: 2.32 mg
  • Vitamin-K: 31.2 µg
  • Potassium: 431 mg
  • Calcium: 1002 mg
  • Iron: 8.32 mg
  • Magnesium: 60 mg
  • Zinc: 1.83 mg

Here we are telling what are the benefits of eating cinnamon during pregnancy.

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Health benefits of cinnamon in pregnancy

Consuming cinnamon during pregnancy can have a variety of health benefits, which are as follows:

Relief from abdominal bloating and pain: Cinnamon can be used to relieve abdominal bloating and abdominal pain during pregnancy. Research has found that cinnamon has laxative (facilitating stool) and relaxing properties, which can be beneficial in these problems (5).

In gestational diabetes: Some studies have shown that cinnamon can control insulin levels in women with gestational diabetes. Research on 51 patients with gestational diabetes showed that cinnamon capsules were given to women during gestational diabetes. Cinnamon capsules can be beneficial in controlling the glucose present in the blood (1).

Control high blood pressure: High blood pressure during pregnancy is considered normal as long as there is no medical condition. At the same time, according to research, cinnamon may show some favorable effects in controlling blood pressure, provided it is taken in limited amounts (7).

Relieve acidity: Constipation and dyspepsia are common symptoms in pregnancy along with nausea and vomiting. At the same time, according to research, antacid properties are found in cinnamon, which can reduce the problem of acidity to some extent. Along with this, it can also give some relief from problems like constipation (4).

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For good digestion: A study has found that using cinnamon can help with digestion related problems. Along with this, carminative properties are found in it, which can also remove the problem of gas (8).

Cholesterol problem: According to a research, the use of cinnamon can also be beneficial in the problem of cholesterol. It may help lower levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides. It may also be beneficial in increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

In this part of the article, we are telling the disadvantages of eating cinnamon during pregnancy.

Side effects of eating cinnamon during pregnancy

Consuming cinnamon in excess can cause many problems, which are as follows:

  • Some studies have found that a chemical called coumarone is found in cinnamon, an excess of which can cause liver problems (9).
  • Consuming essential oil derived from cinnamon may cause irritation and allergic reactions in some pregnant women (4).
  • Some people have experienced mouth sores from eating products that contain cinnamon flavoring agents (10).
  • Avoid taking cinnamon in supplement form. This can lead to certain risks such as increased sweating, stomach disease, increased heart rate, and a drop in blood sugar levels (11).
  • Consuming more cinnamon can cause coughing problems with irritation in the mouth, nose and throat. At the same time, more severe symptoms may include severe cough, vomiting, nosebleeds and chest tightness (12).

After the loss, know what precautions should be taken while consuming cinnamon.

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Precautions to be taken while consuming Cinnamon

It is important to keep some things in mind while consuming cinnamon. Here we are telling about some such precautions:

  • If there is a problem of allergy, then cinnamon should not be consumed.
  • Cinnamon needs to be avoided if pregnant women have liver problems, as it can worsen the condition.
  • Cinnamon has a hot effect, so it should be consumed in small quantities. It would be better to consult a doctor in this regard.
  • If there is a problem of nosebleeds, then consume it only after asking the doctor.
  • Buy only the best quality cinnamon bark or powder to ward off any harmful effects.
  • According to doctors, if a pregnant woman is taking blood thinners, then she should not use cinnamon for a long time. Actually, it can cause complications in pregnancy by reducing the platelets count in the body

In this part of the article we are telling how cinnamon can be consumed.

How can I include cinnamon in my diet?

There are many ways to include cinnamon in the diet. Here we are telling about some special methods:

  • Cinnamon can be used as a mild spice in food.
  • You can consume cinnamon powder mixed with milk.
  • Cinnamon powder mixed with lukewarm water can also be consumed.
  • Many facial problems can be overcome by mixing it with honey.
  • Cinnamon can also be used as herbal tea.
  • Its capsule can be taken with plain water.
  • It is also beneficial for hair. After boiling cinnamon, the hair can be washed with the remaining water.
    Cinnamon can also be used to make Chyawanprash.

Through the article, you learned how cinnamon used in limited quantities can be beneficial in pregnancy. Apart from this, you also learned about its disadvantages and uses here. If you want to use cinnamon as medicine, So it is better to consult your doctor first. At the same time, if you feel any problem due to its consumption, then immediately stop its consumption and contact the doctor. We hope that the information given in the article will be beneficial for you. You can read Any-query other articles for more information on diet during pregnancy.

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